Corporate Solutions

Our Corporate Solutions

We have been at your service since 1997 with our customer-oriented service approach, our constantly improving expert staff and our strong supply network, with our special solution suggestions for your organizations and events.

Organization Services

Fair Organization
Concert Organization
Festivals and Festivities
Special Concept Parties
Ceremonies and Opening Ceremonies
Gala Dinner
Wedding Organization
Social Responsibility Projects

Booth and Scene Services

Booth Design
Booth Setup
Audio-Light-Visual Systems

Conference Services

Project Management and Planning
Accommodation, Transportation and Transfer Services
Translation-Simultaneous Service
Production Service
Space Design and Management
Promotion, Announcement and PR Service
Congress Services


General Assembly Meetings
Press Meetings
Dealer Meetings
Internal Meetings and LCV Service

Events & Activities

Motivational Activities
Product and Launch Events
Themed Events
Sightseeing and Entertainment Activities
Sportive Events

Other Services

Catering Services
Sponsorship Services
Sales Marketing Support
Data Management and Reporting
Project Management and Budget Planning
Advertising and Media Relations
Agency Service

Organization Services

As Enerji Fuarcılık Inc., we have carried out numerous organizations since 1997.

Our areas of expertise include fairs, summits, conferences, dealer meetings, public and private sector meetings, new year celebrations and promotional organizations. We undertake everything from stage design to the flow of lights, sounds and programs, from printed needs to the transfer and entertainment of the guests for the organizations we handle, and we provide all kind of support to make sure the organization runs smoothly with our expert team.

Operation Services

In fairs, summit and conference events, we create original and distinctive areas with stand designs, prints and applications tailored to the needs of companies.

We help the participants to complete the organization as comfortably as possible and get the best by supporting them in special meeting organizations, transportation services, host-hostess bookings, booth treats, indoor and outdoor advertisements that companies may need during their event participation. We also support the participants with our accommodation and hospitality services.

Marketing Services

We create and run advertising and promotional projects by conducting market analysis tailored to brand needs within and outside the event. We believe in the power of being in the right place in the right way and the power of communication.

Business Development Services

We do B2B matching, one-to-one meeting organizations with potential customers so that companies can get the most from events. We also undertake promotion and publicity activities and dealer meetings organizations so that companies can create new collaborations and increase their existing market shares.