Istrade Energy Trade & Supply Summit brings together sector professionals every year in order to follow new trends & innovations, to find alternative solutions to current problems and to discuss expectations about the future trends. Event is organized under the auspices of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and with the support of EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority), with the great interest of both local and international participants. Istrade is also supported by the Turkey’s leading non-governmental organizations such as TOBB, ELDER, PETDER, EÜD, GAZBİR.


Petroleum Istanbul Exhibition brings all public institutions and organizations related to energy, particularly the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Energy Market Regulatory Authority together with private sector. Petroleum Istanbul will take place to cover Retail Petroleum, Equipment, Technology, Lubricants, Auto LPG, LNG, CNG, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Convenience Stores. Exhibition will create an important business alliance platform for national, regional and international energy companies, the product representatives and franchising brands. All exhibitors will also get an opportunity to meet with fuel station dealers in the exhibition.

10th Turkey Energy Summit

Organized under the auspices of the Republic of Turkey, Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, and with the support of the Energy Markets Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Turkey Energy Summit brings together more than 1,500 national and international sector professionals with the top level officials of Turkey and regional countries’ public institutions and organizations. Summit is also a platform that gives opportunities to build new cooperations and collaborations.