About Us

Located in the epicenter of the world’s energy transit routes in a geographical location that holds one-third of the global economy, Turkey is the home for Petroleum Istanbul Trade Fair which opened its doors for the first time in 1997, being the most important fair in gas and energy industry. This date also coincides with the inauguration of the commercial activities of Enerji Fuarcılık.

Enerji Fuarcılık has begun its operations with the motto of organizing productive and efficient fairs which made indelible impressions on behalf of both the private sector as well as the public realm and all its stakeholders. In the past 22 years, it has transformed Petroleum Istanbul Fair into one of the world’s leading international organizations in its field.

Since 2010, Turkey Energy Summit has become one of the proud organizations of Enerji Fuarcılık and started to be held under the auspices of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Turkey Energy Summit has transformed into the most significant platform that unites all of the energy industry, particularly renewable energy, electricity and natural gas industries and that creates an environment in where all the parties deliberated current concerns candidly. Turkey Energy Summit continues to widen its scope by bringing together esteemed experts of the industry and by creating a liberated environment where relevant matters and latest developments are debated.

Since 2015, Gas&Power Network, Electricity, Natural Gas and Alternative Energy Equipment and Technologies Fair has also been started to be organized concurrently with Petroleum Istanbul. Enerji Fuarcılık continues to commit its contributions to the industry as with its involvement in the organization of ISTRADE- Energy Trading and Supply Summit in 2016. ISTRADE has its place to be being the sole platform in Turkey in the field of energy trading and energy supply.

As Enerji Fuarcılık, it is our utmost pride and joy to set up distinguished organizations which were participated by top-level executives from companies that operate in this indisputably the biggest industry of Turkey as well as in the world, and we are also so honored to be the common voice of this reputed field of business.